I LOVE ART + ADVENTURE! But I also love a detailed excel report. On my spare time, you can find me sitting at home making macrame planter hangers, planning my next travel schedule revolving around finding the best rocks to climb, making homemade organic kimchi, and punching in numbers in my personal monthly expense sheet. I like to over-plan everything but also love to get lost and do unplanned things like go hike half dome with a random group I met at a friends get together.

I come from the corporate world, where I’ve directed, planned and executed an array of projects and events, but sometimes the corporate world can be limiting. I find it exciting and fulfilling to use my many years of corporate expertise while still staying creative while working with Caroline. Everyday is different and there are so many different ideas and projects that are in the works. We can’t wait to get them all off the ground and show you!


I’m an event planner turned stay-at-home mom now coming out of retirement to help Caroline stay organized in the office.  I’m a wife of almost 15 years married to my high school sweetheart, mom of 2 boys (ages 9 and 11), and a juggler of whatever life is throwing at me.  I’d like say I’ve got my juggling act figured out, but who am I kidding?!

I enjoy all sorts of arts & craft projects, arranging succulents in cool ceramic pots, a good stretch in yoga class, and planning parties.  When I’m not busy playing Uber driver to my boys, I’m usually in front of the computer organizing Caroline’s shoots and working with new and returning clients.  I look forward to working with you in the near future!


On most weekends, you’ll find me on location with my clients doing their hair and makeup. I really love skin and enhancing a person’s natural features and glow.  I am passionate about cosmetic ingredients and teaching my clients about proper skincare, so that they have beautiful skin on their special day or photoshoot. Skin is who you are, and makeup is who you want to be, so I really focus on building a good foundation for my clients!

During the week, you’ll find me here at Caroline’s office! I joined her team because I truly love Caroline’s work, her work ethic, and her team mentality. Being a freelance artist usually means you work alone so I’m very happy I found a team who works together and is always willing to help and uplift each other. At Caroline Tran Photography, I manage a lot of the post production. From ordering prints to shipping them to your home and computer screens, I’m the girl for you. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all as I deliver your photos to you!


I have a young daughter named Amelie, and we love spending our time together getting lost through the aisles at bookstores or whiling away our afternoons at a museum.

I attribute my love for photography to my maternal grandmother. While she was no professional, she preserved her life’s journey very well through photos.  As a child,  I would spend so much time looking through my grandmother’s photo albums, and that inspired me to not only document my life, but other people’s most cherished moments as well.


I have been shooting weddings since 2010 and have shot over 200 weddings. I was first exposed to photography through my father who worked as a professional photographer many years ago. I’ve always been imaginative growing up and pursuing photography confirmed my passion for the arts.  I love working with adventurous couples. Shooting in the gorgeous light near sunrise or sunset is my favorite! I’m thankful that I’m able to capture people’s stories, knowing that they will always have these moments to look back on and be reminded of the blessings in life.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I love hiking, yoga, eating good food and experiencing new cultures.