A few months ago, I partnered with SLR Lounge to record my first wedding photography workshop video! In the workshops, I take you on 3 stylized shoots to show you how I communicate, pose, and shoot to create the consistent style of imagery around which I’ve built my photography business. Beyond shooting, we dive into getting published, social media, and other valuable business advice. We also talk about working with vendors to execute a styled shoot and much more. Take a look at the trailer below or

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what’s in the workshop?


Do more than just take amazing imagery and tell a captivating narrative to showcase your client’s story.

This portion of the workshop covers:

  • Why The Story Matters
  • How to Control The Location
  • Wardrobe & Makeup
  • Telling Your Client’s Story

Learn how to pinpoint your own unique style and get tips on all the ways you can best market yourself, your product, and your brand.

This portion of the workshop covers:

  • Defining and Communicating Your Style
  • Committing to Consistency

Overcome the challenges in posing your clients as you explore the ways to help get them comfortable in front of the camera, all the while giving them great direction for natural interactions.

This portion of the workshop covers:

  • Posing and Communication
  • Setting Up a Styled Shoot: Tell Your Own Story
  • Communicating and Creating Rapport with  Your Clients
Make the most out of each of your frames and learn the details to my film and digital shooting workflow. This portion of the workshop covers:
  • 35mm vs. 120mm
  • Which Film Stocks I use
  • The Cameras I Use
  • Film Labs and Printers
With film, your images are only as good as your lighting. So, discover all the ways to best light your scenes for the most incredible photographs. This portion of the workshop covers:
  • Framing and Background
  • Using the Reflector and Finding the Best Light
  • 3 Magic Angles
  • Light Meter and Sunny 16 Rule
  • Details and Food
Get all of my inside tips and tricks on how to become a featured photographer, how to make post-wedding sales, and more! This portion of my workshop covers:
  • Getting Published
  • Selling Prints
  • Picking a Film Lab