Happy new year, everyone!  We just got back from an incredible trip to Thailand, where I shot the most fun Thai/Scottish wedding.  Can’t wait to share!  We’re all still suffering from jet lag, so thank you for your patience as I adjust.  In the meantime, I wanted to share a highlight from our trip.  We got to play with baby tigers!  Cameron was in LOVE.  Seriously, we had to hold him back.  He tried to lay on them and hug them (like he does to our dogs).  Cameron basically broke all the rules:

rule 1: do not approach the tigers head on, always from behind.

rule 2: stay away from their head and face

rule 3: stay away from their front paws

And I’m sure there’s something about not hugging them and rolling around with them.  I wish I took more photos, but I was honestly too preoccupied and scared.

And to prove me right, Cameron took a bamboo reed and hit the tiger on the head.  This tiger ran away and Cameron chased it, pulling it by it’s fur.

Even though I was a bit nervous through the encounter, it was such an amazing experience.  Watching Cameron’s eyes light up is one of my favorite things.  I’m also glad we have a few of these photos to show him.

p.s. the tigers’ trainer was there the entire time.  the tigers were better trained than cameron, so i was more afraid of cameron provoking something than the other way around.

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