caroline tran speaks about branding & marketing strategies to grow your studioI was invited by LA Smugs to speak later this month about how I grew by business “by leaps and bounds in just a few years.” Come join me as I share strategies and techniques that has worked for me these past few years. Click on the image to sign up!

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  1. Photojournalism is usually a caring career. Without the proper motivation it’s not possible to obtain your goal in this field. It is actually directly associated with 3rd eye, it is for this reason it’s simply not an painless job.

  2. Hi Caroline, I see that your event is “sold out.” I did sign up for the waiting list however I also wanted to write should you find an empty seat I would love to be there.
    Love your work!
    Carl Bringas

  3. You should live stream it somehow for all of us who cannot be there! I am so interested, and I’m sure tons of people are across the US (and world!)


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