Yesterday morning, I got in my car and saw that the thermostat read 35 degrees.  35 degrees in LA??  I figured the reading must be wrong.  I ran my windshield wipers to remove the “condensation” on my window and realized that it was all ice!  Jonathan had to come and scrape off all the ice for me.  It’s rarely that cold in LA and totally reminded me of our recent trip to Chicago.  I was inappropriately packed… I was told to pack for the “fall”.  Ok, fall here means dress + tights + cardigan.  I now know that Chicago fall is LA winter.  I was freezing!  Fortunately, we met up with Eileen & Roland and I was able to borrow a “light” jacket from her.

On one of our days there, we were able to finally meet with the adorable Lauren & Stephen.  Up until this day, we had only emailed back and forth.  They’re so genuine and sweet that it felt as if we’ve been friends all along.

We first walked around the city, near their apartment.  Don’t let Lauren’s cute sleeveless dress fool you, it was freezing!  She was such a trooper.  It had to be 40s in the middle of the day.

We then went back to their apartment to change and headed to the beach.

I loved how her hair blew in the wind.  It was just about as windy here in LA yesterday!

The Chicago skyline is so beautiful.  I love the mixture of nature, beach & city.

I have a thing for trees…

Then we walked back to their place.  We had to go under this tunnel where I saw a saw a cool silhouette opportunity!

Thanks Lauren & Stephen for a fun day around town!  Looking forward to being back next year for your wedding!

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