I want to share with you one of the most beautiful families I’ve met.  Filipe & Candice contacted me about doing a family shoot during their visit in LA.  They live in Brazil and travel at least once a year.  This year, they toured the coast of CA.  They contacted me just before they left Brazil, so we planned this through their intermittent internet connection!  They met over 20 years ago (they were neighbors!) and have been together since!  It was so much fun meeting their 2 year old son, Ramiro.  Ramiro only spoke Portuguese, but we had no problems communicating.  Kids are amazing like that… and inspiring.  Kids are unique and bring so much personality to a shoot.  I love what we got at this session.

Candice told me that Ramiro is camera shy.  He started a little shy, but quickly attached to me and kept wanting me to follow him!  Candice said he even asked for me when they got home!  aww!  Here is the whole family, including Ramiro’s dinosaur that he cannot sleep without!

What I loved most about this session (and any kids session for that matter)  is letting Ramiro inspire me and lead the shoot.  Kids do the darnest things and it doesn’t get anymore natural than that.  No inhibitions.  They do what they like and are the most original group of people I meet.  I love this shot, and it’s all Ramiro:

Doesn’t he just have the sweetest face and prettiest eyes?!

I now understand the love between mother and son…

And one of my favorite moments (all Ramiro’s idea):

Thank you Candice & Filipe for letting me share in these intimate & loving moments.  You have such an amazing family.  Keep on traveling and I hope you’ll visit again!!  Or better yet, I hope to visit soon!

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