Meet Coby… he’s about to become a big brother!

Isn’t Coby’s mommy beautiful?  She’s just as beautiful on the inside too.  She’s totally glowing… and just weeks away from meeting her first baby girl, Isabella.  This next photo is one of my favs:

Coby cracks me up:

Coby’s daddy’s sweater from when he was a baby… go bruins!

I love these quiet moments between coby and mommy.  In just a few weeks, he’ll have a sister!

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  1. Hi, Caroline :)

    Such beautiful shots. Great job! I always love your work.

    Caroline, can you find out for me where she got the wire clothes hanger personalized? It’s so cute. I looked on Etsy but can’t find the same design. I’d like to order one too.

    Thank you and keep up the great work :)

  2. Caroline, these are beautiful photos that you took, the natural light and simpleness is what your capture of Ashley. She is glowing and gorgeous! Her dog, Coby is cute and what a pretty name Isabella. When I have a little girl, I even want to name my little girl the same name someday as I thought it before. I like the color and black and white photos. Your capture her essence of beauty. Ashley, is one of my friends and she is a sweetheart :) I want you to shoot my maternity photos when I’m pregnant someday too.


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