What better way to celebrate your child's 6 months with a Mommy and Me 6 Month Photo Shoot. At the 6 month mark, you have probably reached many milestones with your baby. They have babbled their first "ma-ma" and "ba-ba" variations, smiling and laughing at your silly faces. It's safe to say you got this parenting thing down.

Remember this newborn photo shoot? Look how much Ari grew! Before you know it, she will be up and running, exploring the big world with her curiosity at her 1 year birthday. But from here on out is when you'll see your child growing teeth and transitioning to solid food.


Your baby will have already outgrown all the clothes you picked out during maternity and now may be big enough to fit one year clothes. Those little shoes will only get outgrown from here on out!

Ari is only six months away from another amazing milestone, Baby's First Birthday! Follow Addie and Richard in their journey of parenthood. View their Boudoir Maternity photos here and Newborn Photography in Orange County here!


Interested in commemorating your baby’s 6 months ? I’d love to hear from you!

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