I will be out of office from Jan 16-20 and will have limited internet connection.  I will finish replying to emails next week.

When I used to teach in South LA, I purposely picked A-track because we used to get our vacation Jan – Feb.  We got season passes to Mammoth and went every other week.  The craziest thing we would do is wake up at 3am to drive there and jump on the slopes at 8am.   We would ride until 4pm and then drive 5 hours back home.  Those were crazy days and we couldn’t do that anymore.  I even used to bring my students snowboarding at the local mountains every Tuesday through Burton’s Chill program.  As soon as I started up this business, we gave up our season passes, and agreed to just do one big trip a year.  I can’t find photos from last year’s Whistler trip, so I used last year’s Mammoth trip instead.  I hope to come home with cool photos, but it’s hard to use the camera with my gloves on… and it’s really too cold to take off my gloves!

Anyway, so 2 weeks ago I posted a teaser from a shoot I did with one of my favorite bloggers.  Anyone guess which blogger it is?  I can give you another hint… she’s a wedding blogger who got married last year.  She shares amazing inspiration daily and has great style!  Well come back next week as I will be posting the rest from her shoot!  It’s a good & long session, so it’ll be broken into at least 2 parts!  For now, I leave you with another teaser.  Have an amazing weekend!


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