Overhead shot of outdoor reception space with round tables
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Did you know there are 5 wedding reception table layouts your guests will love? Who would have thought that tables and chairs could impact the look and feel of your wedding – but they do! Nowadays you can choose from a variety of seating arrangements to add to the ambiance of your reception.  But word of advice! Before you assign a seat for Aunt Dorothy, check in with your venue or wedding coordinator to see what’s feasible in your reception space.

Rounds are a traditional and classic choice.  What’s great about this set up is that you can comfortably fit between 6-10 guests per table. Because of their shape, it’s easy to see and visit with everyone AND meet new people too!  If you are interested in assigning certain groups together, this is a terrific choice.

Long table settings have become very popular.  I love them because they are super versatile.  They can effortlessly go from casual and inviting or traditional and chic – it’s all about your table settings!  Their rectangular shape allows a myriad of configurations too.  Arranging one long table feels like a big family gathering.  While creating a U-shape can feel intimate but sophisticated.  Even staggering them throughout can add a great design element to your space.

Side view of farm/family style long table setting.  White rose and mixed white flower center pieces.  Rustic/modern
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Another arrangement option to consider is the square table.  To me this feels modern and offers beautiful clean lines.  I also think it’s a great middle ground between a rectangle and round table set up.   

Photo of square table set up with large white rose arrangement over table setting
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Not sure if you like one set up in particular? No problem!  Mix and match your tables.  Doing this can add visual interest and really maximize the use of your space!

Image of long table setting with cascading orchids and candles
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Looking for a glamorous yet inviting set up?  Consider adding lounge chairs and sofas! Your guests will feel right at home enjoying the option of informal seating while hanging out with friends or taking a break from the dance floor.

Indoor wedding reception with chairs and sofas lounging
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So just take your time and choose the layout that best fits your style.  No matter if they are sitting in clusters or one long table your guests will be thrilled to spend the day celebrating the two of you! 

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