beach wedding photos | encore

Annie & Don got married at a resort on the beach, but didn’t have time to take pictures down on the sand.  Since I wasn’t available for their wedding, this was the perfect opportunity to get some portraits taken together on the beach.  With encore sessions, there are no constraints on time and you don’t have to worry about your guests waiting for you.  I first encountered Annie’s passionate soul when she applied for my Malibu Propel workshop.  From her email alone, I could hear how much love and heart she has to share, and I got to experience just how much as I got to know her through Propel and the time after.  I was really excited to meet the lucky guy who got to marry such an amazing woman, and he was nothing short of amazing himself.  The two together have such great chemistry that makes everyone around them feel so welcomed.

Congrats Annie & Don!  Thank you for letting me share a small part in this milestone!

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