Did you know I used to be a high school teacher?  I taught high school Physics.  I really love (and miss) the teaching and mentor aspects of it.  This is the perfect marriage of my passions.  My teaching style is hands-on and personalized.  My ultimate goal is to meet your learning goals.

Caroline Tran workshops is in the works.  Be prepared for a day packed full of knowledge, inspiration, and growth.  As a former teacher (and still credentialed!), a curriculum will be created to meet your needs.  Topics will include anything from natural posing, finding the light, establishing your style, to the film & digital workflow, branding, use of social media, and getting published… and everything in between.  I’m looking to form a community where we can all grow together and support each other.  Sounds like what you’ve been looking for?  Get on the mailing list to receive exclusive information about this learning opportunity.

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  1. I’ve signed up more just to kind of see what classes you’ll offer. I don’t plan to become a photographer (I want to do event planning) but I DO love to take pics! :)


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