I almost didn’t throw Cameron a party this year.  We had just gotten back from Bali and I only had a week to plan it.  Lucky for me, my friends came together and helped me plan this party in just a week!  Wilmarose gave me the inspiration to just keep it simple… we made the “theme” about all the colors.  The advantage with such a colorful color scheme is that I was able to use many things we already had.  Score!  I focused my energy on a great cake (thank you, The Scootabaker!) and revolved everything else around it.  I was also lucky because Dorothy had just planned a balloon party for her daughter, so I was able to reuse stuff such as this fun balloon wreath!  She also helped me with put together our food & dessert table.  And I couldn’t have done this with without Ngoc and team who helped me with setup and clean up, and everything in between!  And my good friend, Hanna, provided Lollacup cups (in the perfect colors) as favors for each guest!  …Interested in winning your own Lollacup gift set?!  Head over to 100 Layer Cakelet (YES! 100 Layer Cake‘s new family blog!) to enter and see more of Cameron’s party there!

One of my favorite DIY project was making these little faces with Babybell cheeses!  I don’t have much time to craft anymore, so this was so therapeutic, even at 2am.  I used them as seating cards.  DIY tutorial coming later this week to 100 Layer Cakelet!Another DIY project was a repeat from his party last year… fruit lollipops!And my favorite part was the surprise when he cut into the cake!

We also had set up a colorful photo booth right at the entrance so that each guest actually had to walk through the photo booth to enter.

Fun conversation I had with Cameron as he ate his cake.

Me: “What color is this layer?”

Cameron: “Yellow!”

Me: “What color is this next layer?”

Cameron: “Yellow!”

Me: “What color is this other layer?”

Cameron: “Yellow!  Yellow!”

…as of this week, he now knows red, blue, and just yesterday white, so I miss the days when everything was yellow.

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