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You may remember Cheryl and Roman from their engagement photos at UCSD.  These two are both former colleagues of mine, and two of the most amazing people I know.  I have always admired their selfless dedication to the public school system and their students (in South LA too).  I have such fond memories of our days of teaching in South LA.  Roman was the assistant principal (who started as a biology teacher) is responsible for recruiting all of us graduates from UCLA.  In their wedding slideshow, they had subtitles joking how Roman asked, “Hey, wanna teach in South Central?”  And all of us replied, “YEAH!  That’s a great idea!!”  …It really was though.

They ended up choosing the beautiful setting of Santa Cruz for their destination wedding.  Everything was just so beautiful, perfect, and totally them.  We all stayed at this wonderful bed & breakfast called Boca Del Cielo.  I highly recommend it if you’re ever in town!  Their hospitality is so warm, and the breakfast is SO SO good!!  Fresh homemade tortillas!   I actually think just having all your close friends & family stay together at a Bed & Breakfast for the wedding, especially a destination wedding, is a great idea!

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Even though we all stayed in the same place, they got ready in separate rooms.  Above is Roman working on his vows…  I wonder which part he was reading through at this moment.

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Cheryl wore her mother’s engagement ring.

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Then we were off to UCSC for their ceremony!  Check out these cute signs that the university made!

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Our good friend Janet was their officiant.  This wedding was really like a little reunion for all of us.

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Janet did SUCH an amazing job on the ceremony.  I’ve always admired Janet’s wit and great use of words.  The ceremony was short, but so meaningful.  She made every word count – the field was full of laughter and tears throughout.

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Cheers!!  Everyone takes a shot of Patron in the limo!

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I LOVE the congratulatory sign put up by the Coconut Grove.  So retro!

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And I LOVE their cake topper!  Quick photography tip, shooting into light is better than shooting into the dark.  Notice the “uplight” behind the cake?  I had Jonathan help me create that uplight.  Without it, the background just looks black.

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As biology teachers, they ordered everyone test tubes instead of toasting glasses.  Isn’t it cute?

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Cheers!  with the little test tube!

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Cheryl is half Korean, so to honor her Korean heritage, her mom brought these rice cakes called dok.  I personally love them, but not everyone enjoyed the texture.  Above is her friend who made cute little figures out of them.

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Congrats Roman & Cheryl!  I LOVE you two!!!

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