Marriages, like gardens, reflect the kind of care they get… this can be applied to any relationship really.  Relationships need nurture, care, and attention… the more love one sows, the greater the harvest.  This gardening engagement photo session was the perfect way to tell Connie & Ted’s engagement story.  They’ve had a long distance relationship the entire duration of their relationship.  As the stars would align, Ted just got a job here in LA, finally uniting them just less than a week before their wedding!  If I remember correctly, we did this session on his 2nd day here (and just 3 days before their wedding!), still jet lagged and still adjusting to LA.  We went to a local flower shop to do some planting!

They each got to pick a variety of their favorite succulents, then replanted them into their own arrangement! 

Fun fact is that Ted’s a doctor.  He’s used to everything being really clean, so it was so cute watching Connie taunt him with all the soil and dirt.

I love how each of their arrangements really represents their unique personalities! 

Just like a garden, the key to a happy marriage is love, time, care, and some shiny things…

I love how their final products look so unique, but so coordinated too.

Congrats to Connie & Ted on your beautiful marriage.  May your love continue to grow and you never stop giggling together.

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