Just wanted to share a few of my favorite photos of Cameron from our recent trip to Maui.  The trip was wonderful.  Cameron was 2 months during our trip and I know he won’t remember it, so I wanted to document this the best way I know how for him.  I want him to remember our leisurely strolls along the beach, the warmth of the sun on our skin, all the different shades of blue in the horizon, and listening to the waves crash as we drift off to sleep.  It was such a relaxing trip.

I love his expression in that last photo.  “I can’t believe you posted my butt on the internet!”

That photo was on our bed… the light in our room was to die for.

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  1. Beautiful pics of your little one!!! It was so great to meet you this week, and I love seeing your new bundle of joy :)


  2. Thank you for sharing such wonderful images of your life with us! Cameron is a darling baby, you’re so lucky. I love film too!

  3. He looks like Jonathan in that last picture. Hehe! He’s gonna be so mad his cute lil tush is forever on the Internet! Love it!


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