2 spreads from the current Ceremony Magazine!  On newsstands now!

It’s the most colorful and fun wedding I’ve been a part of.  Here’s a little more eye candy from their wedding.  It’s really was as sweet as candy!

I love her little time line graphic:

One of my favorite part is how colorful all the bridesmaids dresses were!  Ngoc literally just told them to go out and buy any colorful dress.

Love how guests can “tweet” them:

I think she’s a Twilight fan:

Ngoc changed into a color dress at the end of the night too.  Her bright blue photo booth backdrop looked awesome.


Venue: Nixon Library

Coordination: Skybox Event Productions

Floral: The Flower Tray

Lighting: Platinum Peaks

Stationary: Paper Wonders

Caterer: S Fine Dining

Cake: Final Touch Bakery

DJ: Zuno Productions

Video: Alumiq

Hair & Makeup: Joyce Luck & Muse Makeup

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  1. I love color, it amazes me more weddings don’t mix it up with color like this more often. Your photos capture the happiness color brings to wonderful events like this. Caroline, thank you for sharing & blowing my mind with these photos! =)

  2. thanks hanna, lucy & norelis.

    trude, lol. thank you!

    hilary, i love the bouquets too.

    estela, i shoot with several lenses, all between 1.2 – 2.0.

  3. how super colorful! i think that’s a GREAT idea that the bridesmaid all have different color and designs.. such a novel idea that works well!! me like!

  4. That’s the Nixon Library?? I don’t remember it looking that nice for my homecoming dance! ;) Congrats on making it look magical! And I loooove her use of color, just amazing!


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