hot air balloon engagement photography

Remember the hot air balloon shoot I did where everything just went wrong?  (You can read about it here.)  Well, I’m excited to share with you the results!    You can also check out Green Wedding Shoes for the full feature!

Ngoc & Albert thought a hot air balloon ride would be a great way to celebrate their one year anniversary… only one problem, they’re both afraid of heights!  After some thought, they figured it would be a great adventure to do together.  Wilmarose of Lovely Jubilee styled this anniversary shoot for them.  She wrote up a little short story about this adventure and hired Jen Simpson to illustrate a story book for the happy couple!  She then did all the shopping and pulled together EVERYTHING – from the clothing to the props, and even the story book.  Perfect hair & makeup by Margaret of Muse Makeup Artistry.

I LOVE that they have this story book that matches our shoot to a T!

Despite how cheerful these photos look, we were all NERVOUS!  All of us were afraid of heights.  The bigger the balloon got, the faster and harder my heart pound.  One one hand, I was worried about getting enough shots on the ground.  Then I was worried about going high into the air in a wicker basket.

The best part about working with a stylist is just showing up and everything is prepared for you.  I love the little “one cent to fly” ticket, all the cute flags, and all the other props Wilmarose thought out.

And then it’s time to take off!!  *gulp*

The ride was actually not as scary as I thought.  Take off was smooth… landing though is a whole other story.  But most of the ride was really relaxing.

There was one point though where we were REALLY high.   Ngoc & Albert hid in the basket, afraid to look over.

But then they encouraged each other and agreed to look at the same time.

One of my favorite photos of them:

I love this gorgeous necklace by Leanna Lin.

And finally, the (very rough) landing.  We slid across the entire field – basket tipped over at some points!  But it was an adventure of a lifetime and I’m so fortunate to have gotten to experience this!

And as mentioned in my post about the mishap, I had to “guess” every single exposure during this session thanks to a broken light meter.  Not bad, huh?  I’m proud of myself!  And now I’m going to pack as I leave for Seattle in a few hours!  Yippee!  Out of office til Monday!

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