Looking for a fun and enriching activity to do with your child(ren)? Create an easy stop motion animation with your kids using everyday things around the house. Stop motion photography is an engaging way to teach kids about animation, and allows them to practice telling stories! It's also a great way for them to bring their imagination to life, and if you pick a topic that they love, it's a great way to learn about their interest.


  1. A backdrop - can be made from construction paper, bed sheets, wall, etc
  2. Camera/iphone, preferably on tripod, but propped up on something stable works too
  3. Toys or other subjects of their choice


  1. Pick a subject that they like
  2. Help them create a story around the subject and gather materials to bring this subject to life
  3. Build a scene and place it next to a well lit window for even light, either on a table or floor
  4. Set camera on a tripod, preferably. But on a sturdy surface can work too, just be careful about bumping the camera.
  5. Take at least 5 frames for each second of animation you want; i.e. if you want a 5 second long video, you will need at least 25 frames. 
  6. Make sure to not move anything else (including your camera) other than what is being animated.
  7. Upload the photos into an editing software such as iMovie, or one of the many GIF apps available.
  8. Make the duration of each photo less than 0.2 seconds. Less for faster animation.

Tips for smoother animation:

  1. Make smaller movements. The bigger the movements, the more choppy the animation.
  2. Create more photos per second, so instead of 5 photos every second, try 10 photos!

Can’t wait to see what you create! Tag me in your creations so I can see it too!

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