We’re so excited to share some super sweet photos from a recent Korean 100th day baby photoshoot in Los Angeles. Baby Angelo had just passed his 100th day of life, which is a very significant occasion in some Asian cultures. Newborns were especially susceptible to diseases and other harsh conditions in the past, so when they were able to survive for 100 days, parents breathed a big sigh of relief! For Koreans, this milestone is celebrated with Baek-il and is a time when family and friends can formally meet the baby. Nowadays, it’s also a good reason to set up a little photoshoot so everyone can dress up in their hanboks and take some photos to remember those chubby 3-month-old cheeks!

Baby Angelo’s parents wanted this shoot to be simple and easy breezy, so that all they had to do was show up at our studio in Koreatown. They loved one of our existing sets, so we just added a few custom touches to make it fit their family. We loved that it was minimal but still intimate and special! 

A few extended family members joined in and it was obvious how much they all love Angelo. As you can see, it was really impossible to resist kissing those yummy cheeks. With his beautifully unique hanbok, he definitely looked the part of an adored royal!

Many modern Koreans wait for Dol to have a big celebration, but Baek-il still deserves to be commemorated. As you can see with this Korean 100th day baby photoshoot in Los Angeles, we can create images for your family to treasure with minimal effort on your part. Contact us today and come shoot with us in our conveniently located Los Angeles studio!

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  1. Hello! I was wondering how much it would be to have a 100th day photo shoot? My baby will be 100 days on New Year Day.


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