I was fortunate enough to shoot a wedding in Thailand last month, and even more fortunate to have been able to share this amazing trip with my family.  I brought my mom and dad too.  It was all our first times in Thailand and we had such an amazing time.  The memories there are truly priceless.

We went to Krabi before heading up to the wedding in Chiang Mai.  Krabi was the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen.  Our resort had a private beach that was so quiet, clean, and had just miles of powdery sand.  And near sunset, the tides were extremely low – so low that we could let Cameron crawl for probably 100 yards out.  The sand was fluffy and soft.  Cameron enjoyed digging in it and looking for seashells, coral, and crabs.

Cameron found more coral, and Jonathan found this cute crab:

Cameron took a face plant in the sand here, just like in Hawaii.  oops.  Both times, my hands were tied protecting my camera.  Sorry, baby, you like the sand though!

On our way to Krabi, I said to Jonathan, “I’m afraid I’ll be bored at Krabi… 5 days with nothing but beach?  What are we supposed to do?”  I was serious too.  I’m such a busy body that I was nervous about having nothing to do.  Needless to say, I loved it.  We got to enjoy sunset everyday like this:

One of my favorite photos of Cameron and me.

I never got to travel growing up, so I’m grateful to be able to do it these past few years.  I’m even more grateful that I get to take Cameron and Jonathan along.   We have a few more destinations planned this upcoming year, so if anyone is interested in scheduling a portrait session while I’m in town, email me.  Here’s what’s planned so far:

Feb – Las Vegas

March – San Francisco/San Jose

April – Washington DC

May – Chicago

June – San Francisco/San Jose

July – San Francisco

August – Napa Valley

October – New Mexico

A few more destinations that are being considered include Hawaii, Singapore, New York, Costa Rica, and New Orleans.  I’m still deciding, so let me know if you want me to take your schedule into account.

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  1. Living in Australia we were fortunate enough to travel around the country and experience different scenery and towns. As a teenager I dreamed of foreign lands, particularly Asia, and was driven to spend time overseas. I wish I had of taken the risk rather than fantasising and making those wishes come to fruition.
    Ten years on my husband, 9 month old son and I live in Singapore. Best journey of our lives. We love what we have on our doorstep; a 90 min flight to a different country, culture and tropical heaven.
    If you are EVER in Singapore, I would love to book a photo session for our son (1 in August). You capture the peace and essence of the emotions/scenery. Captivating and beautiful. You should consider a coffee table book.

  2. Thank you for your share Caroline. Hope to learn more from you..your photography style is definitely an inspiration. =)

  3. Hi Caroline…
    I love the way you capture your photos.
    If you don’t mind in sharing your knowledge, what type of lense do you use for these photos & how do you shoot into the sun and get clear picture of your baby? Do you use flash?
    I am learning and I think you are one of the best =)

  4. Sounds like a truly special trip. I didn’t travel much growing up either. In fact, the only trip we took out of state as a family was to Florida when I was 10. I hope that I am fortunate enough someday to be able to travel with my fiance and our future family. Beauty pictures of your sweet babe!


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