salvation mountain | travel photography

Pardon my lack of blogging last week.  I was gone for most of the week attending WPPI (a photography conference) in Las Vegas, and took the rest of the week to recover.  It was great to see old friends and make new ones!  We left Cameron home this year and while we missed him, it was really nice to have a few days to ourselves.  We squeezed in a little date night, and even a couple of parties!  Woo!  Fun times indeed!  And while we’re on the subject of the desert, a couple of girlfriends and I took a trip out to the middle of nowhere to check out this massive artwork called Salvation Mountain.  I was honestly a bit overstimulated and didn’t know where to focus.  Leonard Knight, who created this, lived on this land in a truck.  Luckily, his family recently moved him into a nursing home.

As colorful as it is, it was actually quite creepy being there.  It’s literally in the middle of nowhere.  About 1.5 hours south of Palm Springs, close to Mexico.  It felt like we drove into a time warp.   The town was full of abandoned buildings & trailers.  You see the people and can’t help but to wonder what they do there… how they ended up there… where the kids go to school… where they even buy their groceries…  On our way back, we had to drive past border patrol.  They asked us where we’re going.  We said we’re heading home from Salvation Mountain and they chuckled, “You drove all the way here for THAT?!”  We asked what else should we do in the area and their response was, “Get out of here as fast as you can.”  hm…

This is the trailer that Leonard lived in.  His blankets were still in there!

Once I walked into the actual “exhibit”, it was much more cheery… but is it weird to say that the fact that it was so cheery made it even more eerie?

So do I recommend driving 3 hours out to see this?  Probably not.  But if you have good company, it’s a fun day trip.

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