Peggy and Antonio both live in Hong Kong and traveled to LA for our shoot.  One of the benefits of these destination engagement shoots is that they get booked super early, thus giving us a lot of time to plan.  It was fun spending the last year with Peggy to come up with a look for the two of them.  Whenever I posted a new session that she loved, she would email me with excitement.  Through her emails, I noticed a pattern of what she liked and was able to come up with the perfect style for them.  I love the results!

I don’t shoot black and white film often, but Peggy loved a few that I had posted so I shot one roll for them… and boy am I glad I did!  I’m absolutely in LOVE with their black & white images.  It really makes me wonder why I don’t shoot more of it!

I thought we were done with our shoot.  We wrapped up and Peggy spotted a real starfish!  None of us had ever seen a real starfish in the wild before.

That last shot with the starfish makes me giggle.  It’s like their baby.  After that last shot, we set the starfish back into the ocean, safe and sound.

Peggy and Antonio, it was so great to finally meet you!  Thank you for letting me document this part of your life!

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