Virginia and Mike has been in a long distance relationship while Virginia was finishing up Orthodontics residency in LA.  (She just graduated, btw! CONGRATS!!)  During one of her flight up to San Francisco to visit, Mike told her he would be taking her straight to a nice restaurant so that she would arrive dressed up.  Upon her arrival into SFO, Mike surprised her and proposed!  So fitting  and thoughtful!  I’m really excited for their wedding later this year in San Francisco, especially meaningful because they will be relocating to Chicago soon.  I love this woodsy location we shot at and I love how their outfits pop from the gorgeous surrounding.

For props, sometimes all you need are some Christian Louboutin & matching red nails!

Congrats again, Virginia & Mike!  You two are so perfect together, and one of the sweetest people I’ve met.  I can’t wait til your big day!

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  2. Photojournalism is actually a passionate career. Without right motivation it is not actually possible to acquire your primary goal in this field. It’s directly connected with 3rd eye, that’s the reason it is simply not an very easy task


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