LA river engagement | ann + david

Can you believe this is LA?  With just a short hike, we exchanged the hustle and bustle for this calm and serene river.  It rained the day before, so we had a healthy body of water to play in!  I have a super sweet couple to introduce you to today.  Meet David & Ann:

They love exploring nature.  This whole scene represents them so well too – gorgeous in such a natural way.

Honestly, I feel so lucky that I get to visit all these great spots.  Without photography, I would most likely never go to the beach or see these gorgeous trails.   And for sure, without photography, I would not get to share in such intimate moments like this with such a beautiful couple.

How cute are they??  I love real laughter:

On our way out, I saw this pretty gap between the trees and made them hike up.  I just love how the trees frame them:

Til the next adventure!

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