We recently had the honor of doing a 100 day photoshoot for an adorable Korean baby boy, Warren, in our Los Angeles studio. Passing the 100 day mark is a big deal for Korean babies—because living conditions were so harsh back in the day, making it past 3 months was a good indication that the baby will be more likely to survive. These days, conditions in the United States are generally not so dire, but celebrating the tradition of baek-il lives on. Luckily for our Chook babies, we are here to help families document this milestone!

Warren’s family really leaned into the blues for their outfits, which looked so good amongst our traditional blue set (we’ve written some posts about outfit coordination for photoshoots in the past—check them out here: How to Color Coordinate Clothes for Family Portrait, What to Wear for Your Spring Family Photoshoot). Everyone loves a cute squishy baby in hanbok, but Warren also looked smashing in his little tuxedo! 

We always love having grandparents come along for these photoshoots—just look at the joy on her face! You can tell that their relationship is going to be so precious.

We are now offering photoshoot combo packages so you can easily celebrate and document your baby’s milestones. Warren’s family hired us to create photos and videos for his 100 day and first birthday celebrations, so keep an eye out for his dohl photoshoot next year! We can’t wait to see you grow, Warren! 

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