We’re so excited to share these adorable pictures from our recent 100 day old photoshoot with baby girl Olivia Jade! This shoot had such feminine vibes, from the family’s rose-hued outfits, to our set’s florals, to the traditional gold jewelry adorning Olivia Jade’s tiny hands—it all came together so beautifully!

Olivia Jade was such an easy customer—so smiley, calm, and expressive. Look at all those cute faces she gave us during tummy time! 

She started out in a beautiful hanbok to tie in her Korean heritage, but we couldn’t help sneaking in some pictures of her in a fluffy tutu dress as well!

For these baby milestone photoshoots, a lot of parents understandably want the focus to be on the child. Olivia Jade’s parents were also feeling a little camera-shy and requested that all the photos be of the baby. Having had babies ourselves (who of course grew up too fast!) and knowing how the dynamics of these 100 day old photoshoots sometimes go, we convinced Olivia Jade’s parents to come camera-ready, just in case. We did end up getting some wonderful photos of the whole family and were glad to be able to provide those for them that as a keepsake!

Although it wasn’t intended this way, we’ve found that parents of baby girls seem to gravitate toward our pink floral set (see more in our posts Korean and Filipino Baby First Birthday Photoshoot and Vietnamese First Birthday Photography in Los Angeles) while those with baby boys often choose our blue set (check out this set in Korean First Birthday Party in Los Angeles). No need to stick to gender norms though, so if you see something you like, go for it, or feel free to discuss with us how we can customize a set to fit your preferences! We love how Olivia Jade’s 100 day old photoshoot turned out and can’t wait to meet and celebrate more sweet baby girls like her!   

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