LA-family-beach-photo-01Happy Monday everyone!  The weather’s cooling down and it’s starting to feel like the holidays, my favorite time of year!  Holidays are all about family and the people you love, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a happy family session!  The Linberg family contacted me to do a shoot for them and their adorable little girl.  When brainstorming locations, we thought it would be cute to go back to where they got married!  They got married at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, and did their wedding portraits on Santa Monica beach.  I thought it was cute to come back to the spot where their family began.

LA-family-beach-photo-03Kate was really shy in the beginning.  I think it was PNS – post nap syndrome.  She found comfort in clinging to dad this day, which I thought was so precious.


LA-family-beach-photo-07We walked down to the beach and Kate quickly brightened up!

LA-family-beach-photo-08One thing I love about wedding slide shows is seeing baby photos of the bride/groom with their mom.  When I look at my baby photos or my husbands baby photos, I think about how young our mom’s were, how fashionable they were, and happy they were to be new parents… and how that could be me now!  These photos of Kate with her mommy reminds me of photos I would see in a wedding slide show.  When I take family portraits, I always think about how it’ll look in a wedding slide show (or whatever new technology they have by then!).  And I tear when I think about these following photos in Kate’s wedding slide show because I empathize with Kate’s mommy!


LA-family-beach-photo-12I just love how happy and silly Kate is, and how happy their family is.  I especially love this next expression…

LA-family-beach-photo-13This next diptych symbolizes her growth.  She was super afraid of the water, but eventually started walking that direction herself.  I think she was still scared of the water, but was taking a few steps closer!



Congrats you two on a beautiful family!  I look forward to watching Kate grow and documenting Kate’s many milestones… and perhaps even her wedding many many many years from now!

Oh yeah, and it’s the last few days of a buck a comment!  We’re at $117 now to charity:water!  This Thursday at midnight is when I will send over our donation!

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  1. Hi Caroline! It was great to meet you and Jonathan this weekend and we all had so much fun during the shoot! Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your time in Monterey! We went to the brunch spot the next morning and Eric and I ordered a very yummy (although really heavy) crab cake and lobster benedict:)

  2. Love this family session ! She’s so precious ! Taking family portraits at the beach without any shade is so hard ! Yet you manage to do such a good job at it always :) *hugs*


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