I apologize for not keeping up with the blogging.  This little man is turning one and we’re planning a big party!  It’s seriously like planning a wedding.  My dad and I are building some stuff for it, and I have a team of amazingly talented vendors hustling right now to pull everything together.  Can’t wait to share with you all!

I’m incorporating bits of things from other cultures that I’ve seen and love… going to start some new family traditions here!  Would love to hear some of your favorite 1st birthday traditions!

Random facts about this photo:

1. This was taken during my birthday week a few months back.  For my birthday, Jonathan took Cameron along to all my shoots that week and I got to take some photos of him before/after my shoot.

2. You can see Jonathan & I in the reflection.

3.  Having them along made working even more fun… works in small doses to balance work & family.

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