Julie & Vince live right by the beach, so it’s only appropriate to do their engagement session in their natural environment!  You can regularly find them riding their bikes together on the beach.  They’re playful, romantic, and so happy in love.  I love meeting people here who take advantage of living beach side because most of the people I know (myself included if I wasn’t a photographer) never go to the beach, even if it’s less than 10 miles away.  I’m more like 20 miles away, but I am grateful to have so many opportunities lately to enjoy it.  I arrived early to their shoot and took a nap.  The warm sun, cool breeze, and sound of crashing waves was so so soothing.


I also shot a few of their photos on film.  I know many of you have been itching for me to reveal the past few sessions which was film and which was digital.  Those were all mixed in, so a little harder to identify, but the next 3 sets are film, so maybe it’ll help you identify the film from my past sessions.




I love how crazy in love they are.  It’s exactly how an engagement period should be, and the love only grows.


It was a really clear (aka bright) day.  No clouds in the sky.  As a result, though there was a lot of sun, it was also quite chilly!  Julie was such a trooper in her cute little outfit!



I notice they even walk in unison:



And there’s something about this next candid moment that I love.  I think he was pulling her in from the approaching water, but they look so graceful.  There’s a lighthearted feeling to it, like they’re dancing.



Julie is just as beautiful inside as she is outside.  Love this sweet portrait of her.




Vince’s little message to Julie:


Gorgeous OC sunset:



It was really cold that day!


And I just love this last photo:  V + J


Can’t wait for their wedding in a few months!

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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in having some family portraits done. I like the vintage-inspired fun lifestyle look. It would be my husband, myself , and our 2 year old son and I’d love to have my dog in some of them also! What are your rates? And are you available during June 17-27? We normally live in China but will be home in the LA area visiting family during that time. Thanks!


  2. The film looks so nice, but you are right, its hard to make the distinction. What film camera and what time of film was that shot with?

  3. i like it! i like it alot! :) and it’s still impossible for me to tell which is film and which is digital. :(

  4. The first image is beyond perfection. All of the others are perfect! I have been following your blog for a while and you are so inspiring. Thank you! <3

  5. wow caroline, i feel like everytime u have a new session posted, it becomes my new favorite!! this one by far is my favorite =) =) Just absolutely AWESOME!!