This Pasadena newborn photography session is a little different from most other newborn sessions. As you scroll, you might notice that we didn’t do many of the traditional newborn shots of the baby all curled up tight or sleeping soundly.

That’s because this little nugget was a little older than most babies at the time of their newborn session. At 6.5 weeks old, he was definitely more awake and ready to stretch out and explore his surroundings. I love that we were able to capture his beautiful eyes and the beginnings of some cheek chub and arm rolls!

I know that in the past, I’ve said that the best time to schedule your newborn session is within the first two weeks of birth. However, life happens and if for whatever reason, a newborn shoot doesn’t happen in those first two weeks—maybe your baby comes early or you can’t get on your photographer’s schedule—don’t despair! We can still get some fabulous photos of your new family!

Because of Baby’s age, we planned around not being able to do traditional newborn poses and opted for a more lifestyle photography angle. We helped my clients get comfortable in my Pasadena home studio to capture some genuine moments for this new family of three. I’m not kidding when I say genuine—apparently Baby was relaxed enough to pee on his mama and make her laugh, which was how we got the shot you see here!

Those early newborn days can be hard in many ways, but there are also plenty of beautiful and joyful moments and they deserve to be documented. Don’t write off a newborn photography session if you aren’t able to get it done right away—reach out today and let me help capture those fleeting new family moments—they’ll pass by quicker than you think!  

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