I absolutely adore newborn babies, but from a professional photographer’s perspective, there is definitely a “best time” to schedule your newborn session. This is not to say that I haven’t successfully photographed newborns that are a bit older, because as we all know, the process of giving birth and those early days of parenting are quite unpredictable and sometimes, we have to work with what we’ve got. However, if you’re dreaming of those images with your baby all tucked up in a tiny ball, there is a small window of time to make that happen, so read on for my suggestions for when to schedule your newborn session!

The optimal time to photograph newborns is within two weeks of birth. During this time, their bodies are still used to being curled up in a fetal position, so they’ll be much more willing and able to be in this desired pose. Once they’re more used to being outside of the womb and realize they have freedom of movement, it will be much harder to contain those enthusiastic little limbs! Another nice thing about scheduling your newborn session within two weeks of birth is that they are still super sleepy. Everyone knows that newborns sleep nearly all day, so this is the one time in life that they’ll be expected to sleep on the job. It’s also much easier to get all the poses and shots that we want if baby is happily asleep.

As for when you should go through the process of actually booking the newborn session (to make it more likely that you’ll be on your photographer’s schedule within those first two weeks), my recommendation is to do it sometime in the second trimester. If you know you’ll want newborn photos, it’s best to have the session booked before your baby arrives. Trying to schedule a photoshoot in those first days of new parenthood can be stressful and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a session within those first two weeks. You don’t want to be worrying about that in the midst of feedings, constant diaper changes, and sleepless nights. So start researching photographers while baby is still dwelling peacefully in your belly and reach out to your favorites. If you’re booking with me, I’ll put a light hold on a time around your due date to ensure that there is space in my schedule. However, we know that things can change, so my clients know to email me when the baby actually arrives and we will make it work accordingly!

Having newborn photos taken is truly special and something you will never regret. This is the smallest that they’ll ever be, and you will cherish having these photos years from now when they’re trotting off to school. At the same time, you’ll be celebrating the birth of your brand new family, and that’s definitely worth documenting with some professional photos. If you’re pregnant and reading this, the best time to schedule your newborn session is likely…soon! Reach out to me to inquire about your newborn session today—I’d love to photograph your sweet bundle of joy! 

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