Intimate maternity boudoir photography is all about trust and encouraging vulnerability. I pride myself on my ability to build a rapport with my clients, something that I teach in my Pick Up Points course. Building that trust between photographer and client is so important, something clearly exemplified in my shoot with my good friend and client, Aileen.

She came into this shoot not intending to go nude, but I had this vision (amongst others) that would look better without clothes. The vulnerability in this intimate maternity boudoir photography shoot is really what makes this photo! There’s a certain level of trust that is required to create images like this, and that’s what makes these portraits so rewarding to me.

Thank you, Aileen, for trusting me to document some of your life’s greatest milestones. Each one has been more and more of an honor. It has been incredible watching you blossom from your engagement to wedding, and now as you become a mom!

Interested in an intimate maternity boudoir photography shoot, but still hesitant? Here are reasons Why You Should Take Maternity Boudoir Photos.

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