There are many reasons why you should take maternity boudoir photos. Maternity photography captures the beauty of transformation - the transformation when a woman becomes a mother, which is so much deeper than the mere physical changes. Embracing that change by stepping out of your comfort zone is the most empowering thing a woman can do, especially during pregnancy. It is a form of female empowerment! Feeling sexy and beautiful with your bump is something to embrace and capture.

Maternity shoots are often overlooked, but it is such an intimate and beautiful thing to document. It is these intimate moments that make for the most beautiful and raw emotional photos, especially with a loved one. So many moms have told me how much they regret not doing a maternity shoot. For those who never thought about it or still on the fence, here is a maternity boudoir session for your consideration…

The journey of parenthood begins! Check out their Newborn Photography in Orange County and Mommy and Me 6 Month Photo Shoot .

Interested in a maternity shoot? I'd love to hear from you!

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