I met Ashley on a commercial shoot while I was still pregnant 2 years ago.  Fast forward a year or so, Ashley contacts me that she’s pregnant and interested in a maternity shoot.  The timing was perfect for my upcoming Propel Workshop, so I asked if she was up for modeling and yay, she was!  These are some of my favorites taken at my last workshop.  I was really excited to surprise my attendees with this special shoot.  Maternity is such an intimate and beautiful thing to shoot that is often overlooked.  So many people tell me that they just didn’t think about doing it and how much they regret it. For those who never thought about it or still on the fence, here are a few photos for your consideration…

Congrats to Ashley who had her baby this week!!  xoxo

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  1. Such a beautiful boudoir maternity shoot, Caroline! Please find it in your heart to share the designer of the ruffled chiffon robe. It’s nearly as gorgeous as your work!

  2. Ashley pictures are stunning! What a beautiful glowing woman. I got to know her back in the day. And now she has a family! So happy for her. Her little girl is going to be so cute and look like her when she grows up. Either way what a sweetheart. I love the pictures that you took, they are incredible, Caroline :)


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