It was such a joy shooting these maternity photos in Pasadena for a gorgeous mama-to-be, Monica. She arrived at my home studio prepared with several outfits, an adventurous spirit, and a really big dog! We played around with several different vibes for this maternity shoot—scroll on and check them out!

First, we went for a cool modern aesthetic, like something you would see in a Calvin Klein ad. The unbuttoned jeans and unfussy hair makes you feel like you just got a glimpse of the parents-to-be just enjoying a relaxing Sunday at home. It was so fun being able to include their fur baby in these photos too—he was such a cooperative model and was so loving that I just know he’ll be the best big brother! 

Monica had a beautiful formal red dress that just begged to be photographed. It so perfectly accented her growing baby bump!

Finally, we shot a few maternity boudoir photos. If you’ve been around a while, you know how I feel about taking maternity boudoir photos (if you haven’t, check out my past posts Intimate Maternity Boudoir Photography and Why You Should Take Maternity Boudoir Photos). Pregnancy is no walk in the park, but through these photos, I hope Monica will be able to look back at this time and appreciate the amazing changes her body went through to grow her baby.

I enjoyed getting to know this sweet couple more, and can’t wait to meet their baby, as they’ve planned ahead and already booked our Baby’s First Year package. We covered a lot of ground shooting these maternity photos in Pasadena, and I’m always happy to work with your vision to deliver the maternity shoot that you’ve always dreamed of—reach out today and let’s get started!  

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