That first image pretty much sums up the magic of love.  For me, words can’t describe the deep connection between two people in love (then again, words are also not my forte).  It’s apparent in the way they look at each other, and apparent in the way they see the world.  Everything just looks prettier when you’re in love.

Eva & Alain got married at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.  Eva incorporated many Japanese traditions, and everything was coordinated by the talented ladies at Lumiani Events.

Instead of flowers, the GUYS folded cranes and strung them together for each lady.  They worked on this up until the last minute, and hand delivered it to the ladies.

Their little Maltese was even able to celebrate with them!

I LOVE the authentic obi that Eva added to her wedding dress.  Such a beautiful way to incorporate her heritage.

They danced an amazing salsa for their first dance:

Their little Japanese cake toppers:

Big thanks to them for letting me witness one of the most heartfelt marriages.

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