Meet the cutest (and oh so chubby) baby, Reese.  I met her and her parents for the first time at this shoot, and instantly connected with them.  Reese was still napping when I showed up, so Ginger and I chatted away as we tied those gorgeous ribbons to the balloons.  When Reese woke, I got to run in and was greeted by this adorable smile!

We did some (to die for cute) naked photos… for their eyes only… and I got to get some really sweet and tender moments like this:

Then we headed for a walk… I was impressed with how Reese was able to endure the SF cold weather… but I was about to find out just how much of a trooper she really is!  Read on…

LOVE this photo:

So Reese had been SO happy throughout the entire shoot and suddenly, she starts to cry.  I go through my baby checklist – diaper, food… wait, food.  We got so excited when she woke up that we completely forgot to feed her!  And the photo so mom & dad can tell her all about it:

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