Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I enjoyed a (mostly) non-working weekend and eager to jump into this busy week!  I’m excited for my 2 shoots today, but want to squeeze in this blog post before I head out! If you haven’t seen, this session was featured on the awesome Snippet & Ink!  Check it out and leave a comment to share some love!

Jennifer & Kevin spent most of their relationship living on opposite sides of the country.  When I met Jennifer, she was living in LA and Kevin was living in New York.  I was so excited to hear that a few weeks later, she packed up and moved to New York.  We planned their engagement session all through email.  We threw around many ideas, but when I heard that Kevin was a pilot, I had to do their session on an airport!  Good thing Kevin was able to make the arrangements to allow us to shoot on the Santa Monica airport!






This next shot might be my favorite shot!







I shared with Jennifer my vision of paper airplanes, and Jennifer topped off the idea by folding the paper airplanes out of vintage maps!



I had this vision of doing one of my tiny people shots with paper airplanes flying all over in the sky.  Well, flying the planes ended up being harder than we thought, but at the end, they looked really cool scattered all around the ground.  It’s good to come in to the shoot with a general vision, but more importantly, with flexibility and an open mind.


I ended up loving how the paper planes scattered all round the floor!



And this last shot was funny.  I tend to lay on the ground a lot when I shoot, which I did for this photo above.  Right after I snapped this, a truck drives around them and right next to me.  Turns out to be the police.  I get off the ground and to show proof that we had permission to shoot there.  He gives us a hard time, but in the end, he leaves saying, “Okay, but don’t do anything where an idiot like me might run you over.”  that cracked me up!

I can’t wait for their travel themed wedding next month!!!

This session was featured on:

Snippet & Ink

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  1. Wow, you are SO talented. Your photos are simply stunning. Each and every one seems to tell such a beautiful story :) wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. I’d love to be able to create pictures like you one day :). My favorite is that last one .. although I LOVE your favorite as well. Beautiful work! Oh – and the comment from the policeman is hilarious haha. I shoot on the ground all the time too ;)


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