Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair because these are not just any Santa Monica Beach photos... these are "Then and Now" family photos. Walk down memory lane with me and see how much this family has grown over the span of 10 years. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing families throughout my career. It's always so fun to see how they change and grow, and it always strikes me how quickly time goes by! I can't believe a decade has past since I last photographed the Yang family.  A lot has changed...including the addition of their son, Max! 

Photo of family holding hands in a single file line running on the beach together

The Yang's and I decided to revisit Santa Monica beach, where our original photo session took place 10 years prior.  When we arrived, I felt like I could still hear the sweet giggling of the Yang girls as they ran around the beach. Flash forward and now those girls have turned into beautiful young women. Scroll down to see a documentary video Fujifilm made of this shoot!  

This is big sister Anna! When we met, she was a charming 8 year old who was always looking out for her little sisters. Now she's a college student and continues to be one of the most gracious people I've met.

Their middle daughter, Keely was (and still is!) fun and outgoing! She keeps herself busy in high school and with cheerleading. I love how these photos capture her spirit!

Remember Mia? Their youngest daughter was so independent and curious at 4 years old! She's still that way! Nowadays you can find her sharpening her soccer skills while attending high school.

And rounding out the family tree is 10 year old Max - the sweetest kid! I could just see and feel how the family adores him. He is loved beyond words!

I really wanted to capture how the family has grown and decided to replicate a few of our original poses...isn't it fun to see them side by side!?

Couple holding one another at the beach and looking into camera
Two sisters look up at the camera lying down on the sand

It was such a pleasure to catch up with the Yang family. They truly are one of the most loving and grounded families I've photographed. I hope they come back to visit us so we can capture what the next 10 years unfolds!

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