Step back into wedding planner Lisa Vorce‘s studio with me as she shares tips for hosting your in-laws and pampering them in style! This photoshoot was also featured in Martha Stewarts Weddings and Zola, including some fantastic ideas on how to make your guests feel welcome from setting up their room to delicious meal ideas.

Small cozy details really bring everything together. A welcome set with toiletries and a beautiful floral accent will make your guests feel right at home, and a carafe of lemon-infused water at their bedside is a refreshing touch.

Splurging on small details like luxury towels will really add to your guests’ experience without breaking the budget, and they’ll definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Lisa mixes modern and artisanal pieces together for a charming tabletop, bringing the whimsy of a bed and breakfast to her home and guests with homemade meals. “I’m all about quiches since you can prepare them ahead of time,” Lisa says. “Typically I prepare a couple of quiches prior to my guests’ arrival and then just heat and serve for their breakfast.” For newlyweds starting on their life together, Lisa offers a few wise words: “A healthy marriage takes a great amount of work but it’s a beautiful journey. There can be good days and bad days—but at the end of the day, good or bad, the amazing thing is that you have a partner to navigate it through with you. Traveling together, exploring together, communication, and a whole lot of laughter are key.”

Photography: Caroline Tran

Catering and Food Styling: Urban Palate

Curating: Lisa Vorce

Products: Zola

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