On November 2, 2003, Kim (from Junebug weddings) & Adam tied the knot at Chateau St. Julien.  Right out of college, they moved to France together and lived here for 6 months, managing the property, in exchange of having their wedding here.  Nearly 7 years later, we all went back and recreated the whole thing for them!  What a dream, right?

Amazing design by Eden of End-Design.

Gorgeous head piece by none other than Myra of Twigs and Honey.

These are the original napkins that Kim & Adam brought to the Chateau for their wedding!

Aren’t they just the sweetest?

This is how we dined our last dinner in France at A Lovely Workshop.  Amazing, right?  I still dream of France and miss it dearly.

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  1. Hehe this is going to sound really dorky but…

    I’m eating lunch at work and had a craving for some Caroline Tran. :)
    Another gorgeous album! I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

    Great job Caroline!


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