Lately, I’ve gotten a few complaints that I don’t post enough photos of Cameron.  I’m just never sure how much people care to see… I would totally be one of those parents who open up their wallet and a plastic accordion photo holder (remember those?) unfolds to the ground.  But these past few weeks have been huge milestones for him and I feel the need to share a glimpse into his life.  This is his day-to-day life behind closed doors:


Okay, just kidding.  It’s more like:


He just turned 7 months old and now crawls!  He can also pull himself up to stand, and even cruise a few steps.  And just last night, his first tooth cut through!  It was a rough month for him in terms of changes – so many new things came to him all at once!  But he loves his new ability to get around… and chase our doggies.  And I’m sure he’ll love making use of that tooth too.

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  1. So adorable. I’m sure he’ll love that first picture when he’s a teenager haha. Thank you for sharing!

  2. aw i love this! our daughter is just 5 months and i feel like i take way too many pix of her..and pretty much blog about it ALL the time ;)

    in no time he’s going to be running around chasing the doggies!


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