This little cutie reached his 100-day milestone! 
In ancient Asia, infant mortality rates were historically high during the first few months of life. So, it became a good omen and cause for great celebration when they reached this landmark date. The tradition of celebrating the 100-day milestone continues today and is also considered the end of the “Fourth Trimester.”

First-time parents Christine and Julius wanted to commemorate this joyful time with their adorable son, Dean.  The first few months with a newborn can be exhilarating, tiring and remarkable all at once. Capturing this sweet phase in their sons life was the highlight of my week!

Christine has a photo of herself and her parents celebrating this milestone when she was a baby too...I love that they wanted to keep this tradition alive! With Christine's mom there, we were able to capture some beautiful multi-generational photos. Baby Dean is so lucky to be loved so much!

On the day of their photo shoot, the new parents brought along some special items to showcase. It was a great way to personalize our session! Dean's cake was adorned with a custom wood “100 day” cake topper (so precious!).  Christine is extremely talented and hand-knit these darling bunnies for her son while she was pregnant. They are such a beautiful keepsake that Dean will have forever!

As a mom of two, I can vividly remember my boys at this age…it felt like every day brought something new!  Smiling, giggling, turning over on their own, teething (yikes!) … it was so amazing to witness. This precious time with your little one goes by quickly, so I always feel honored when I can capture newborns at this adorable age.

Interested in commemorating your baby's first 100-days? I'd love to hear from you!

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