We got him many stuffed animals, but for some reason, he really loves the gorilla he’s holding in this first photo.  We wanted him to like this little lamb (easy to carry around), or even this floppy giraffe, but there is just something about this gorilla that makes him squeal with glee when he sees it.  He hugs it, kisses it, wrestles it, and rolls around with it.  Jonathan ended up buying him that giant one and as expected, Cameron loves it too.  There’s no getting in between a baby and his best friend(s).

They get into trouble together, but always have each other’s back.  See no evil, hear no evil, and speak of no evil… because he’s busy eating.

And then we got him another one, just in case something happened to the original one.

Silly rabbit, you’re not a gorilla!

…no more monkeys jumping on the bed…

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  1. tihs is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. esp. the ones of him eating the banana and the one passed out!! absolutely ADORABLE photos!! <3


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