This was one of the yummiest shoots I’ve done yet!  You may remember Esther of Batch from Scratch from my baby shower… well, her desserts, at least.  But you can now get to know her on MasterChef with Chef Gordan Ramsey!   It starts tonight on FOX!  I was so excited when i saw her on the commercials!  Let me share a glimpse into Esther’s world…

One of my favorite (spicy) cookies ever, Mayan chocolate inferno:

Your classic chocolate chip:

White chocolate cranberry:

Black & Tan brownies!!  Perfect for Father’s Day!

Cardamom Caramel Macchiato:

Another favorite of mine, sweet potato cookies, Brown Butter Sea Salt:

This was the most difficult cookie to style/shoot (haha), but so delicious.  Ginger Iced Sweet Potato:

And who doesn’t love a good peanut butter cookie, right?

Yuzu Lemon Bar:

Whiskey Iced Ginger Cherry… another great gift for Father’s Day!

They also make great favors:

I love pretty packaging!

Catch MasterChef tonight on Fox and follow along the journey with Esther on Twitter!  And her Batch from Scratch journey.

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