The birth of my first born meant the world to me. I was overprotective with my child, I coddled and ensured he had the best that there was to offer. It wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but everyday was a miracle. Even if the day felt like it lasted hundreds of hours- the amount of love I felt for my child got me through the first weeks of motherhood.

Julie and her first newborn baby Riley had me reminisce those times with my first child, and the beginning of motherhood. Isn’t she the most adorable baby?  

The first three months of having my first child was a blur. I was exhausted, there were many sleepless days and nights. Despite all that, I was so in love with my baby. I caught myself staring at his photos stored in my phone and he was in the next room over sleeping!

Seeing Riley in her knitted bunny beanie had me gush over her. I think Julie would be obsessed with these photos as well.

By the time my baby was one years old, he had learned how to roll over, crawl, sit, stand, and clap. Hearing him babble the words "mama" and "baba" was absolutely heartwarming and adorable.

I’m honored to be able to document all of Riley’s growth in a year! She can sit upright all on her own, laugh when dad carries her, and pet her best friend. Riley is showered in love by her mommy and daddy, and her big smile shows it all.

There will be more milestones to come from here on out. Check out Baby First Year Milestones with adorable Ari here!

Interested in documenting your first born child? I would love to to hear from you!

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