I have so much to blog that I don’t know where to start!  I thought I would share a bit of where I stayed in France.  I took so many photos there that it will take a few posts to cover it all, but to start, let me give you a glimpse at how I lived for a week.  I must admit, it was pretty darn rad to live at the Chateau St. Julien l’ars.

Above left is where we often enjoyed croissants, cheese & crackers.  This is hands down the oldest place I’ve stayed at.  It has been around since the year 963!  I don’t even comprehend that.  The French king, Jon le bon, stayed here the night before he was captured by the English “black prince” in the 1356 battle of Poitiers.  Joan of Arc also came by here.

I stayed on the fourth floor.  This is my wing:

A glimpse into my cute room!

I stayed in the Suite du Jardin.  I love my cozy room:

Sweet welcome from Elizabeth:

My cute little vanity table + my fuzzy self portrait:

I was so inspired by all the fresh flowers around that I came home and started to pick roses from my garden to enjoy in my house.

And who doesn’t love an outdoor dining room:

This church is partly on the chateau’s property, so it’s shared by the town too.

We found a Jesus statue in the middle of the forest… and in the 1800’s, the Beauchamp family brought in lots of foreign plants onto the property, like redwood trees.  It’s like the only place around where you’ll find Redwood trees.  Unfortunately, the soil isn’t quite right, so many of them are starting to lean and a few have fallen.  Redwood is so beautiful!

There was a cemetery next door too:

This is just a glimpse of my stay in France.  Wait until you see the rest of the photos!

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  1. Caroline vous venez en France dans ma région, à 1H30 de chez moi ( La Rochelle ) et je ne suis pas au courant. Quel plaisir et immense fierté cela aurait été de vous rencontrer. / Caroline France you came in my area, my home at 1:30 (La Rochelle) and I am not aware. What a pleasure and immense pride that would have been to meet you.

    Sorry It’s google traduction lol.

  2. Ahhh! I sooo want to be there to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner al fresco! And there’s so much eye candy to shoot!!!! Total mental overload right now!

  3. It’s incredible, Caroline !!!!! I know this place! I lived there a few years at Poitiers which is close to Saint Julien l’Ars. All my family lives in this region. It’s so funny!

  4. Oh my goodness! This absolutely gorgeous! Oh, why didn’t me and my husband visit the countryside last year during our honeymoon? Sigh, I guess I’ll live it through your beautiful images.

  5. oh, caroline… are there any words? i don’t think so… this post will be one i come back to every time i need to return to st.julien for just a bit. so so lovely. missin’ you!

  6. hi kristin! the first image was shot on my contax with the 80/f2 lens. i’ll answer your other question here too. contax cannot use canon lenses. i have a few carl zeiss lenses for it, but have only used the 80/f2.

  7. These are so soft and lovely, they really transport you when you look at them!! What lens did you use on the top photo? Love the focus! Beautiful!!

  8. lucy, there were 2 main suites in my wing. my suite had 2 bedrooms. the other suite had at least 3 bedrooms.

    cathy, oh you’re going to have so much fun in mexico!!! it was so great to meet vesna! hope to meet you someday soon!

  9. I don’t normally comment, but I had to this time! I was so tempted to go to this workshop and when I found out you were going to be there I told my regular blog stalker Vesna that she had great company at the workshop. It is so exciting to see the Chateau, but now I kind of feel that I missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Eeek. Ok, so Jose in Mexico will help me get over that ;) But thanks for sharing Caroline, the photos are gorgeous!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! And given my French obsession, what a truly perfect afternoon diversion. Going to close my eyes and picture that I stayed here too ;-)

  11. Caroline- I’m already drooling over the photos and uber green with envy of you for getting to attend this workshop. I had planned on going, but due to unforeseen financial circumstances was unable to make it. Can’t wait to see more!


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