I often feel that I live in/for the future and not enough in the moment.  Throughout high school, I did whatever it would take to get into college.  Throughout college, it was for grad school.  Throughout grad school, it was to plan my wedding.  (haha!)  There’s always something ahead that I’m planning for and I always wished (and making a goal) to stop and soak up the moment more often.

The morning of this engagement session was one of those days when it hit me that I’m really doing what I love as my job.  This day, I get to do my work at Disneyland!  How cool is that?  I literally had to pinch myself that morning because I felt so fortunate and in slight disbelief that I’m really doing this!  Since I quit my teaching job, so much has happened.  Everything just came so fast that I just kept paddling without looking back.  Anyway, it was a very cool day for me.

Tim is Regina‘s brother.  Their family has the record for most run-in’s at weddings.  I’ve randomly ran into his family twice already at other weddings I shot…  I think it was just two.  It’s always so cool to run into people.  When Jiesi showed me these cute t-shirts for their engagement session, I knew what I wanted them to come with…


matching signs!




I love how cute her signs were!  And I love how comfy she looks snuggling with him below.  Oh yeah, her awesome makeup was done by Teresa Huang.




They got these very fitting mickey lollipops!




We then jumped on the marry-go-round.  It was so cute because when the ride started, I told them to go for a kiss and all the up-and-down motion ended up making it a super challenge!  But I love the laughter that came from it.





I love motion.


At the end of the night, we went for ice cream.  They’re so sweet… and the sundae that they shared also looked super sweet!  I was so tempted to get one for myself but was good and got just a cone… with a double scoop of ice cream!


I love the two birds in this last shot!  It’s like two love birds flying home!


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  1. Your soooo talented!!! everytime I look at your blog you blow me away! maybe some of your talent will rub off on me at the spa tomorrow ;) hehehe

  2. thanks, michelle, desi & connie!
    karleen, yeah, everything has been super fun! i’m so lucky.
    jenny, i did! we stayed for dinner & dessert. :)
    thanks, kim & phil!
    susy, i didn’t get any permits, but i was also very discrete.

  3. Caroline,
    I admire your ability to capture emotive moments as well as your eye for composition.
    I have a question: Did you need any permits from Disneyland to shoot these engagement pix?


  4. That first shadow picture rocks! Never seen anything like that. We’ve always said Disneyland would be the ideal place for Engagement Pics. You definitely proved that here.

  5. These are so awesome & fun, Caroline! I love that Gibson Girl window shot – the viewers get to peek at that romantic moment =) The first thing that came to me was, “wow, she got to go to Disneyland”! That is very very cool indeed. Glad you are enjoying your job so much!


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