I’ve been waiting months to share this shoot with you all, and excited it was just recently published on Style Me Pretty.  Tricia Fountaine designed this beautiful wedding to inspire brides everywhere to think outside the box and let your personality/story shine.  The message behind this is that we each much enter the relationship as strong individuals, but with an open heart for each other.  The open-heart altar represents the openness that they enter this union with, and below, the eagle owl and serval represents their individual inner strength.

Behind the scenes note: these animals joined us from a local conservation.  Working with wild animals is a whole other ball game, but I love what we were able to get in the short time we were given.  The best tip I can give you is spend some time observing the animals so that you can anticipate their movements, and be ready for that instant when they’re finally in a position you want… it’s a lot like shooting babies.  You can’t tell them what to do, but rather have to move with them. 

I love the hanging wisterias on the open-heart altar.  And the hanging candles…

And isn’t this bouquet to die for?  Looks like cabbage. 

And the dreamiest dinner setting, underneath a sycamore tree.  I love the use of moss as the table linen.  It looks like the table has been there forever and the moss is growing around it.

And how about this dreamy suspended dessert spread?  I love how beautifully it hangs from the Sycamore tree.  And again, the gorgeous moss table cover.

And how perfect to have a bed waiting for you at the end of the reception.  Kick off your shoes and snuggle up!

Photography: Caroline Tran | Dress: Robin Kaplin | Faerie Chair name card holders, heart lockets:Michelle Van Fleet | Florist, Event Design, + Production : Tricia Fountaine Design | Hair + Makeup:Dreamcatcher Artistry | Hand blown glass stem ware: Saul Alcaraz | Location: Dos Pueblos Ranch

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